Maui’s true healing experience of luxury massage….

Aloha!  It is with great excitement that I welcome you to experience new levels of relaxation and healing on the magical island of Maui!

It is my intention to create a serene, peaceful and extremely effective massage treatment that will leave you feeling renewed, relaxed and inspired.
All of this right at your home, hotel or vacation rental.

As a healer and massage therapist that used to live in New York City working for a Fortune 500 company, I understand the pressures and demands of daily life and how they can affect your body and soul.

My massage sessions are designed to bring you in to a state of deep relaxation, helping your body to renew at a cellular level.  My clients experience results ranging from:

  • Complete pain relief
  • Total relaxation
  • Experiences of trances states/higher states of consciousnes
  • Relief from insomnia, anxiety, and other stress related ailment
  • Deep sense of renewal of body, mind and spirit
  • Release of held emotional trauma
  • An overall sense of nurturance and well being

I am trained in multiple modalities of massage therapy, including the traditional Hawaiian style of Lomi Lomi.  In addition, I am a highly trained energy healer and channel.  This training allows me to listen with my whole body, to understand what is going on with you physically and emotionally.

I invite you to call now at 877-728-6682 or email to schedule your session!

I look forward to greeting you with an open heart, to facilitate the renewal of your body and soul on all levels.

From my heart to yours!